CHAKRA SPECIALTY: ($300 for 8 weeks)
Welcome to this weekly in-depth exploration of the chakras. Each week will focus on a different chakra with the first class being a cleansing of the auric bodies. Learn about blocks and how to release them, correspondences to help you tap into the chakra energies and cleanse your own chakras, and exercises to help you become more in tune with each chakra.

This is a three-level program. The first level is a four-part class for the beginner in tarot where the student learns the history and basics of tarot (from finding a deck to preparing it and dedicating it) to understanding the key archetype meanings of all the cards. The second level is a two-part course exploring card combinations, reading people and the cards, and using various tarot spreads (including ones the student will learn to create). The third level is a four-part course for the advanced student where the student will learn how to use the cards for more than just divination (meditation, pathworking, spellcrafting).

There are warriors in every culture, a class of fighters and guardians to stand against the dark. Every religion has its gods and heroes from myth and legend to mundane reality. Archangel Michael, Thor, Scathach, the Morrigan, Hercules, Cuhulain, Wolf, Diana, Templars, Samurai, Jedi, Soldiers, Officers of the Law, Wiccan Warders... you. This is an eight-part program studying myths and lore, contemporary warrior philosophy, ethics and virtues, energy work, and magic.

This is a five-part program exploring different aspects of leadership and various skills needed to be a leader in today's world. It also addresses in discussion how to be a leader in our neo-Pagan community. The task in this course is to coordinate and lead a public event.

This is an interactive program that will run like a discussion concurrently while a student is actually teaching. The first 6 weeks will cover techniques, advice, skills, psychology and more that will be useful to any teacher in any teaching field. The next 3 weeks will be focused on teaching Pagan subjects and being a teacher in the Pagan community. It will then be followed by 4 month meetings for discussion and evaluation/reflection.

This nine-part intensive program challenges the students with their spellcrafting skills. There is some review of spellcrafting basics and techniques, supplies and components, and the making of potions and blends. This course follows various themes for the student to explore as they hone their skills in the field of spellcrafting. Student will be expected to find a mentor with whom they can apprentice for 30hrs once the classes are complete.

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