Friday, June 22, 2018

July Ritual Hiatus

We apologize that for the month of July there will be no esbat rituals. The do not fall close enough to a Tuesday night when we have our location available. The times they do fall are times that the organizers are deeply involved in other events or are out of town.

Here is what you can consider and do for July:

Dark Moon
Thursday July 12th
Find a place outside that is natural and quiet. Allow yourself to be immersed in the silence to meditate and connect with nature and your inner self.

Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse)
Friday July 26th
Holly Tree of this full moon is about taking action, being a warrior, and taking spiritual steps forward. It is the Buck/Blessing Moon for engaging with the masculine and attending to physical needs both of the body of of your surroundings. As an eclipse, common no magical work is done, but you can certain make clear plans and gather your energy and courage to boldly act upon those plans.

July will host a variety of other events:

July 3rd: Basic Energy Workshop
July 15th: House Firecat Tea and Fountain Pens Event
July 17th: Stone Lore

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Summer Spiritual Focus

The summer is a tough time for scheduling anything with CMS. Most students (and teachers) are either away with family on various vacations or at one or more of the many summer festivals that happen throughout the summer.

However, some things are a strong focus. CMS has a commitment to provide esbat rituals (dark and full moon rituals) throughout the summer months. These rituals will be held Tuesday evenings 7pm (closest to the dark and full moon) at Atelier Fiber Arts.

Once a month will be a featured workshop or specialty: Energy Work, Stone Lore, Chakra specialty, etc. Watch for the July and August offers.

Other summer activities include our Open House at the end of August.

The new sessions of the CMS program begin after Labor Day. Registration will open July 15th when the schedule gets announced.