Monday, July 21, 2014

Navel / Sacral Chakra

Navel/Sacral Chakra: Svadhisthana (sweetness)

This chakra is about Water, being fluid and adaptable, about pleasure, and about the Right to feel. You have the right to feel the way you feel, to be give and receive pleasure.All emotions have a right to be felt.

Location: womb, pelvic basket, bladder, genitals, kidneys, lower back
Element: Water
Energy State: Liquid
Color: red, peach, orange
Instrument: strings that are plucked or hammered (piano, harp, guitar), copper/metal drums
Metals: copper
Stones: carnelian, coral, pearl, orange calcite
Herbs / scents: orris, clove, vanilla, orange, citrus, jasmine, ylang ylang, copal
Foods: water, citrus fruit juices, orange tea, rooisbos tea, milk (almond or coconut), soups, oranges, canteloup, watermelon, melons, butternut squash, carrots

This chakra is associated with: female sexual energy, sexual passion, pleasure, emotions, change, creativity, joy, fertility, desires, procreation, sex, attraction, movement, balance.

This chakra is cluttered and blocked up by: a sense of guilt (feeling like you have done something wrong/criminal/against the laws or norms)

Yin & Yang are an excellent analogy of the fluidity and balance of this chakra. The attraction of opposites, the movement and dance they engage in, the fact that there is a little of the other in each one.

Please invites us to expand, while pain generally makes us contract. What brings you pleasure? What hurts you?

The word "emotion" comes from emote which means to move out or to express.

While sex, sexual or sacred union, and sexuality are aspects of this chakra, so is nurturing. Caring for the needs of the body, loving the body, touching the body, feeding the soul.

You have the right to feel, the right to feel the feelings you have.


Please yourself. Touch and be touched. Care for and love the body you inhabit. Nurture it and celebrate it.

I feel.

 I am alive and joyful.

I am in the flow of my life.

I am in tune with my emotion.

I love my body.

 Exercises & Activities:
  1. Water cleansing: bath/shower, wash things in your environment
  2. Drink water
  3. Swim
  4. Yoga Goddess pose
  5. pelvic rocking
  6. Hoolahoop
  7. Scissor kicking while on back
  8. Massage of lower back, buttocks, and abdomen
  9. Have sex: solo or with someone else
  10. Emotional release: laugh, yell, cry
  11. Dance
  • Initiative vs Guilt
  • Industry vs Inferiority
  • Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: Love and Belongingness
Things to think about and journal:
  1. Can I do this? Do I need help?
  2. How moral am I? Are my feelings right or wrong?
  3. Am I good at what I can do?
  4. What is pleasure?
  5. What brings me pleasure and joy?
  6. What changes have happened in my life?
  7. How do I feel?
  8. How do I identify and connect with Water?
  9. What undermines my sense of self-worth?
  10. What do I feel guilty for? How have to committed wrongs or who have you wronged?
  11. What do you need to forgive yourself for?
  12. What does it mean that you have the Right to Feel?
  13. How can you bring joy into your life?
  14. What can you do to increase passion, sensuality, and pleasure in your life?
    Spiritual Lesson: 
    Lessons of the Personal Creativity 

    Friday, July 11, 2014

    Root Chakra

    Root Chakra: Muladhara (Root Support)

    This chakra is about the Earth, being grounded, and about the Right to be and to have. You have the right to have what you need, to be who you are, and to be where you are. You have the right to exist.

    I AM

    Location: Base of spine, perinium, lower male genetalia, hip ball joint, legs, knees, feet, bones
    Element: Earth
    Energy State: Solid
    Color: Black, brown, deep red
    Instrument: deep base sounds: base, cello, mostly though the drum
    Metals: Lead, iron
    Stones: Hematite, onyx, obsidian, jet, tourmaline, smokey quartz, red jasper, garnet, ruby
    Herbs / scents: Black earth, oakmoss, Irish moss, patchouli, vetivert, cedar, red sandalwood, sytax/storax, myrrh
    Foods: dark beverages (black tea, coffee), dark red fruits (raspberries, dark cherries, pamegranate), beets, heavy grain breads, proteins, root vegetables, red meat, thick earthy matcha tea

    This chakra is associated with: survival, needs, security, self-preservation, physical identity, grounding, stability, male sexual energy, instincts, primal self, safety.

    This chakra is cluttered and blocked up by: fear (whatever triggers the fight/flight/freeze response)

    Working with this chakra means you are focusing on your physical self and your base needs for survival. Those base needs are: SAFETY, SECURITY, FOOD, WATER, SHELTER, CLOTHING. You are striving for a sense of safety, security and stability. A sense of groundedness. Strong foundations in your life from which to build yourself up on.

    Set your personal limits. Draw that line in the proverbial sand regarding what you will not tolerate, At what point is it "crossing the line" and infringing on your sense of safety; when is it invading your "right to have and be?

    Simplify aspects in your life.
    Explore ways of managing and coping with stress.
    Rest. Be STILL. There is clarity in stillness.

    ~ BE STILL ~

     Take care of your body. It is the only one you have. This is the wake up call to listen to your body's needs and address them.

    I am.

     I am grounded and connected to the earth.

    I am willing to accept myself and others.

    I am open to trusting myself.

     Exercises & Activities:
    1. grounding meditations
    2. laying on back, draw knee to chest
    3. yoga bridge pose
    4. laying on back with feet in the air
    5. tense and flex for deep relaxation
    6. sitting legs out, bend to touch head to knees
    7. sitting feet together, draws them close, bend to touch brow to floor
    8. yoga elephant stretch
    9. yoga downward dog
    10. martial arts horse stance
    11. stamping your feet
    12. earthing: walking in rich earth or on sand or soft grass
    13. bouncing on your toes
    14. running and jogging
    15. resting, giving yourself permission to 'do nothing"
    16. pedicure
    17. foot massage
    18. sleeping
    • Trust vs Mistrust 
    • Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: Physiological & Safety Needs
    Things to think about and journal:
    1. what is your personal gorunding method?
    2. what does stability mean to you?
    3. how/when do you feel safe and secure?
    4. consider your most basic instincts and practice trusting them
    5.  how do you identify/connect with the earth?
    6. what is fear?
    7. what do you fear?
    8. how can you come to terms with your fears?
    9. what does it mean: you have the right to have?
    10. how can you simplify?
    11. how do you feel about the management of your finances?
    Spiritual Lesson: 
    Lessons of the material world