Thursday, November 5, 2015

November Dark Moon for Remembrance Day

Tuesday, November 10, 6-7pm
Cost: $5
43 Westminster, Montreal-Ouest (proche de Sherbrooke Ouest)

Dark Moons are dedicated to the Raven totem. The focus is on INTROSPECTION and LETTING GO. Cutting away unhelpful aspects of our lives and allowing Raven to take them and provide us with messages and lessons to help us on our path. Permit yourself a moment of tranquility in your life.

This is the day before Remembrance Day. Please bring your poppy pins.

If you knew a veteran, bring something to say about them.

Please bring a reusable mug for tea/coffee.

 Yes, this is at the beginning of the level 1 CMS class.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Atelier: Herbalisme Magick

dimanche, le 15 novembre, 15h00-18h00
Cout: $30 par personne

43 Westminster, Montreal-Ouest (proche de Sherbrooke Ouest)

Dans cet atelier, vous allez apprendre comment les herbes, resines et huiles fonctionnent ensemble.

Nous allons créer des encens, des poudres et des tinctures.
Nous allons aussi apprendre a reconnaitre les relations entre les herbes et les éléments.

J'ai hate de vous voir!

Great little Video

 A Concordia University Journalism student, Ida Bechtle, made a short video interview about the Crescent Moon School. May she be well graded. It is a great interview piece.