Sunday, December 26, 2021

End of 2021

GOOD GRIEF! Has it really been almost six months (August 2021) since I last posted here?
Well..... definitely time to post!

So..... Thank all that is that 2021 is coming to an end. However, I am deeply grateful and honoured to have been and to continue to be the teach of many students. It is unfortunate that the Omicron variant of covid has instigated yet another lockdown. HANG IN THERE!

What can you expect of the beginning of 2022?

Chakra Intensive Workshop
Wednesday evenings 7-9pm on January 12, 19, 26

Full Wolf/Hunger Moon
Sunday, January 16th, 8-9pm

Open House & Registration
Saturday, January 29th, 2-4pm
*registration ends February 2nd for Level 1 Winter 2022 session*

Imbolc (Lady's Day)
*it's opposite is Lammas, Lord's Day*
Wednesday, February 2nd

Sundays 2-5pm, starting February 13th
3 payments of $150 every 6 weeks
includes all necessary booklets and readings


Thursday, August 26, 2021

Intro to Paganism

Saturday, August 28th, at 11am

Welcome to this short introduction to Paganism. In this class, we will look at some key terminology, the holidays throughout the year, basic beliefs, and ritual practices. We will end the class with a small ritual together.
ZOOM Link:


Thursday, August 12, 2021

Open House & Registration

Saturday, September 4th, 1-4pm
In Scarlet's backyard for in-person attendance or via ZOOM for those attending via ZOOM

CMS Registration Opens August 1st for the Fall 2021 sessions
Come have some tea, view the display tables, and participate in the free workshops. This Open House and these workshops are FREE:
1:30pm - (français) Introduction au paganisme
3:00pm - (English) Designing Altars

You may register anytime throughout the Open House. This is a wonderful opportunity to start your journey or to fill in gaps. CMS strives to help each student find, define, refine their own spiritual path.

Registration ends on Labour Day, September 6th.

Level 1 & 2 Classes will be held ONLINE via ZOOM! Level 3 will be Blended Learning with online and in-person classes.
Niveau 1 (en français): le samdis 11h00-14h00, à partir du 11 septembre 3
- 3 versements de 150$ aux 6 ou 7 semaines
- inclus sont 13-14 livrets de sujets soit par courrier ou au format PDF
- l'espace est LIMITÉ (max 9 étudiants)

Level 1 (in English): Tuesdays 6-9pm starting September 14th
- 3 payments of $150 every 6 or 7 weeks
- included are 13-14 subject booklets either by mail or as PDF
- space is LIMITED (max 9 students)

Level 2: Saturdays 11am-2pm starting September 11th
- $150 payments every 6 weeks
- included are PDF's of most readings
- not included are the art supplies (which can be mailed to you as needed) and some books (which you must either purchase on your own or borrow)
- Prerequisite: completion of Level 1 or passing exemption exam

Friday, July 16, 2021

July Vacation!

Have you noticed that we are quiet?

We are concluding the last classes of the last sessions, collecting and correcting homework assignments, and taking a well-earned rest.


We will announce the upcoming sessions and programs for September by August 1st when early registration opens up. The Open House is loosely scheduled for a day on the Labour Day weekend, but the exact day is yet to be determined.

Watch for the next bit of news on August 1st!

Have a wonderful summer vacation, everyone!

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Summer Begins!

By the gods! Can you believe that summer is already here?! The heat waves make it rather clear. Please protect yourself during the heat waves that are hitting us early this June. Here is what to look forward to this June 2021.

Solar Eclipse Ring of Fire
(partial eclipse showing a fiery ring of light)
Thursday June 10th at 6:53am
This is a meeting of Sun and Moon for establishing balance in your life, as well as harnessing the protective energy of a ring of fire.

Dark Moon
Thursday June 10th
This Dark Moon is for letting go the chaos of the changing seasons, for stepping outside and sitting in the quiet of Nature, and for purifying yourself to be ready for Summer to come.

New Waxing Crescent Moon
(Diana Bow)
Sunday June 13th
Make a new commitment for the month to improve your well-being. Plan to start a summer project.

** If you have not yet been vaccinated, we STRONGLY recommend you do so ASAP.
This Month, everyone who has had their first vaccine may also start booking for their second one.

Father's Day
Sunday June 20th
Do something different, do something classic, explore something historical. Celebrate honorable fathers in history. Celebrate your father (if you have one, if he is worthy of your honoring him), or your best father-figure in your life (there are amazing dad's out there willing to adopt you for a day and be your mentor), by rediscovering history together. Our suggestion: go to a history museum.

Midsummer (Litha)
Monday June 21st
Public ritual TBA hosted by Mountain City Cabbats

Full Strawberry Rose Moon
Thursday June 24th 7-8pm
This moon is for celebrating your achievements! Prepares some strawberries and some chocolate fondue or whipping cream (or both, both is good). As this is also associated with Holly, it is a time for taking action and defining our spiritual steps forward. What do you intend the second half of the year to look like?
Go HERE --->

Thursday, May 20, 2021

May Event

May has been very busy as we translate materials for French courses and start the editing process for the coming September sessions. We apologize for not sending out a newsletter this month is the busy-ness of our month.

We are also working out Summer events, workshops, and activities so stay tuned!

For the moment, here is what is coming up at the end of this month.

May Full Flower Moon Ritual

Tuesday, May 25th, 7pm

Welcome to this Full Flower Moon.
This is a time where flowers are plentiful (April showers have brought the May flowers). This is a time for working on your commitments to people and to the Divine. It is an ideal time for renewing your vows.
The Oak tree is sacred in Celtic traditions this time of year. The Oak can be used for protection, strength, building foundations, Druidry, hospitality, and leadership.
You need: an oak leaf (or one cut out of colored paper), a 6-sided die, and three different flowers
Donations of $5-10 help cover the costs of ZOOM Pro in order to continue offering these online. Please sent donations to:

Monday, April 12, 2021

April Events, Rituals, & News... oops half way thru


Lots coming up over the next few months. To stay tuned, please sign up for our newsletter!

Saturdays throughout April
- CMS Level 1 (11am-2pm)

Thursdays throughout April / Jeudis durant avril
- CMS Niveau 1 (18h-21h)

Tuesday, April 13th through May 14th
- Ramadan for Muslims: fasting and prayers during the day

Wednesday, April 14th
- New Waxing Crescent Moon (commit yourself to a new activity for the month)

Thursday, April 22nd
----- get/plant/bless a new plant in your life
----- donate to an environmental cause of your choice
CMS Supports:

Monday, April 26th
- Pink Hawthorn Moon Esbat Ritual via ZOOM (8-9pm) $5 suggested donation

Saturday, May 1st
* please note that while normally we host a craft fair with a public ritual and workshops, this will not be possible this year due to the COVID virus
~~~~~ A public ritual will be held via ZOOM by community organizers, more news later

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

March Events & Rituals

Lots coming up over the next few months. To stay tuned, please sign up for our newsletter!

Saturdays throughout March
- CMS Level 1 (11am-2pm)

Thursdays throughout March
- CMS Niveau 1 (18h-21h)

Saturday, March 13th
- Dark Moon (do some introspective meditation)

Sunday, March 14th
- Daylight Savings Time! (spring your clocks forward an hour and enjoy more daylight)
- House Blessing Workshop via ZOOM (3-5pm) $25

Tuesday, March 16th
- New Waxing Crescent Moon (commit yourself to a new activity for the month)

Wednesday, March 17th
- St. Patrick's Day (celebrate Irish Heritage)

Saturday, March 20th
- OSTARA: Spring Equinox

Saturday, March 27th
- Passover begins

Sunday, March 28th
- Worm/Sap Full Moon Esbat Ritual via ZOOM (7-8pm) $5 suggested donation

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Happy Snow Moon / Wollow Moon

On this full moon, consider the following:

- What makes you feel the most cozy and comfortable? Five yourself permission to indulge in feeling this with these things.

- What brings your family together? Promise to engage in this activity once a week this month (or more).

- What do you need for healing your body/mind/spirit? Commit to giving yourself this needed attention.

- Don't forget to give your favorite divination tool some love!

Blessed be this February Full Moon.

Spring is just around the corner and will be here before the next full moon!

Monday, February 8, 2021

February Workshops & Rituals

 Lots coming up over the next few months. To stay tunes, please sign up for our newsletter!

Thursday, February 11th
- CMS Niveau 1 commencer (18h-21h)
- Dark Moon (do a personal introspective meditation)

Friday, February 12th
- Chinese New Year! Year of the Metal Ox (work on building your foundations and stability)

Saturday, February 12th
- CMS Level 1, second class, acceptance of late registrants (11am-2pm)
- Tarot 1B for students pre-registered in the Tarot program

Sunday, February 14th
- VALENTINE's DAY! (Tell someone that you love them, write them a love letter)
- New Moon (decide on a monthly goal and plan how to achieve it)

Thursday, February 18th
- CMS Niveau 1

Saturday, February 20th
- CMS Level 1 (11am-2pm)
- Tarot 1C for students pre-registered in the Tarot program

Sunday, February 21st
- Moon Lore Workshop (3-5pm)

Monday, February 22nd
- Ninja Day

Thursday, February 25th
- CMS Niveau 1

Saturday, February 27th
- CMS Level 1 (11am-2pm)
- Full Snow Moon Ritual (7-8pm)


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Love is in the Air / L'amour est dans l'air

Courting your spiritual education is giving your soul some love.

At the last Full Moon, I asked what does your Soul hunger for? We all have different answers for what that may be. Bottom line is that your soul has a need that you must listen to. It is time to court... yourself! Give yourself some love; give your soul some love. You deserve it. You are worth it!

This means that it is time to do some growing and expanding, some creating and exploring, some learning! If you missed the Open House, don't worry! You can still register for the CMS Level 1 that starts February 6th at 11am. Go to our Registration Page and sign up now!



Courtiser votre éducation spirituelle, c'est donner un peu d'amour à votre âme. Lors de la dernière Pleine Lune, j'ai demandé de quoi votre âme avait-elle faim? Nous avons tous des réponses différentes pour ce que cela peut être. En fin de compte, votre âme a un besoin que vous devez écouter. Il est temps de se courtiser ... vous-même! Donnez-vous de l'amour; donnez de l'amour à votre âme. Vous le méritez. Vous le valez bien!

Cela signifie qu'il est temps de faire de la croissance et de l'expansion, de créer et d'explorer, d'apprendre! Si vous avez manqué la journée portes ouvertes, ne vous inquiétez pas! Vous pouvez toujours vous inscrire au CMS niveau 1 qui commence le 11 février à 18 h. Accédez à notre page d'inscription et inscrivez-vous maintenant!

OUI! Nous avons un programme de niveau 1 en français cette année!

Friday, January 15, 2021


[Un message en français suivra]
CMS Registration Opened January 1st for the Winter 2021 session
This is a wonderful opportunity to start your journey or to fill in gaps. CMS strives to help each student find, define, refine their own spiritual path.
1:30pm Reiki Healing (by Alicia)
FREE Presentation
Registration ends on Imbolc, February 1st.

Classes will be held ONLINE via ZOOM!
Level 1: Saturdays 11am-2pm starting February 6th
- 3 payments of $150 every 6 or 7 weeks
- included are 13 subject booklets either by mail or as PDF
- space is LIMITED (max 9 students)
Level 1: Thursdays 6-9pm starting February 11th
- 3 payments of $150 every 6 or 7 weeks
- included are reading packs either by mail or as PDF
- available are the 13 subject booklets in English if requested
- space is LIMITED (max 6 students)
Inscription au CMS ouverte le 1er janvier pour la session d'hiver 2021
C'est une merveilleuse occasion de commencer votre voyage ou de combler des lacunes. CMS s'efforce d'aider chaque étudiant à trouver, définir, affiner son propre chemin spirituel.
13h30 Reiki Healing (par Alicia)
Présentation GRATUITE
L'inscription se termine le 1er février à Imbolc. 
Les cours auront lieu EN LIGNE via ZOOM!
Niveau 1: les samedis de 11h à 14h à partir du 6 février
- 3 paiements de 150 $ toutes les 6 ou 7 semaines
- inclus sont 13 livrets par sujet soit par courrier ou au format PDF
- l'espace est LIMITÉ (max 9 étudiants)
Niveau 1: les jeudis de 18h à 21h à partir du 11 février
- 3 paiements de 150 $ toutes les 6 ou 7 semaines
- inclus des packs de lecture par courrier ou en format PDF
- les 13 livrets thématiques en anglais sont disponibles sur demande
- l'espace est limité (max 6 étudiants)

New year and New Classes

We have fully adjusted to classes via ZOOM and are now even hosting workshops and ritual this way. We recommend signing signing up for the news letter for regular announcement.

If you are on Facebook, here is the link to the upcoming Events:

On the upcoming roster of interesting bits of news:

  • Tarot Specialty (every 2 weeks starting January 23rd for 4 sessions)

  • Open House & Registration Saturday January 30th 1-3pm

  • FRENCH LEVEL 1! Oui! Le Niveau 1 en Français!

The new year is looking amazing as we forge forward with new innovative ways!