Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy New Year!

So many new things are under way for the 2017 year.

Firstly, the newsletter for January has gone out with a list of all the activities, rituals and events. If you are not on the mailing list for the newsletter than SIGN UP! Subscribe to the newsletter NOW! It is right there! Just on the right-hand column of this page. Never miss another newsletter.

But of you did... here is the one for January 2017: CLICK HERE.

Secondly, Harry Potter fans will love love LOVE this event: Montreal's very own Hogwarts-like experience for all ages. Space is limited and registration ends January 7th. Join us at Maplestone Academy once a month for a year of fun, roleplay, and learning. There will be potions and quiddich, too!


And lastly...

Saturday, January 29th, 12-5pm
Welcome to the Open House. Meet with people from the hosted groups within the Rectory. See what students of CMS have done over the year and register for the Level 1 bilingual session starting February 5th (2-5pm every Sunday). See three 1-hr presentations from three different alternative healers. Enjoy tea from Thesaurus Tea.
Please bring your own cup for tea.
Cost: $5 per healing presentation, $1 per cup of tea, $150 for CMS Registration
Or you can register for CMS at

Monday, December 5, 2016

December 2016 - January 2017

Here is a quick look at what is happening at the Rectory (or location) :

Saturday December 10th 11am-2pm
Learn how use properly the spirit board known as Ouija & create your own during our fun spiritual workshop! See details below.
Cost: $20 (

Tuesday December 13th 7-9pm
Welcome to the CMS Full Moon ritual for healing through the spirit of tea.
Bring: $5 and a tea cup 

Introduction à la Wicca (par Temple Oracle)
Mardi, le 20 decembre, 18h00-21h00
Venez apprendre l'histoire des néo-paganismes pratiqués de nos jours, découvrez l'essence de la pratique Wicca, ce qu'est la magie ainsi que les Sabbats. Cours permettant d'assister à des rituels publics ou confirmer votre cheminement spirituel. Réservez votre place en ligne. Max 20 places.

Rituel Solstice Hiver (par Temple Oracle)
Vendredi, le 23 decembre, 17h00-21h00
Pour célébrer la nuit la plus longue de l'année et le retour du soleil..Venez fêter le solstice! Nous fabriquerons un objet magique de chance et nous honorerons la saison avec un rituel de Yule!Thé inclus Apporter boisson et nourriture à partager ( style potluck) et une offrande à brûler dans le foyer. La moitié de la vente des billets sera remis à la S.P.C.A de montréal pour les animaux dans le besoin.
Maximum de 20.
Réservez d'avance: $15 via le site web ou paypal à

DARK MOON RITUAL (by Sophia Rising)
Tuesday December 27th 7-9pm
Come down from the early waves of holiday chaos with this peaceful ritual. Encounter the Raven Spirit. Let the spirit song ease your soul and bring you back to balance before the New Year.
Bring: $5 and a mug


Saturday, Jan. 7th 12-6pm - Divine-in Fundraiser 
Come get your fortune told for the new 2017 year

Saturday, Jan. 14th 12-2pm - Meditation 101 (with Robyn) $40
Tap into a quiet place within and learn a variety of methods to do so.

Saturday, Jan. 14th 3-5pm - Paganism 101 (with Scarlet) FREE
What is: Magic, Paganism, Wicca & Witchcraft? Where can I learn more?

Saturday, Jan. 21st MapleStone Academy Ephemeral Market Day
A Hogwarts-like experience for all ages and the PERFECT Yule gift for someone who loves the Harry Potter world. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Shop in the Ephemeral Market. Ride broomsticks and play Quiddich. Learn real-world lessons themed like the classes from Hogwarts.

Friday, Jan. 27th 7-9pm - Dark Moon Ritual
Bring $5 and a mug

Sunday, Jan. 29th 12-5pm - CMS OPEN HOUSE & REGISTRATION
Come learn about the school, meet students and teachers, see what they have done, and register for the February session (Starting Sunday February 5th 2-5pm for 21 weeks, cost $150 every 7 weeks). Accepting pre-registration now. Maximum 8 students.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Author In: Christopher Penczak

Saturday December 3rd
Christopher Penczak will be doing private Tarot Readings (only TWO 30-min slots left) $50 each

He will also be giving a lecture at 7pm:

The Horned Gods:  
Come learn about the Horned God of the Witches, Master of the Threshold and Keeper of the Gate. We'll explore his four form and associations with the turning of the Wheel of the Year. He manifests as the Goat Horned God, the Ram Horned God, the Bull Horned God and the Stag Horned God. We'll look to the history of such figures as Pan, Amun-Ra, Dionysus and Cernunnos and their related myths and culminate in a vision working and ritual to develop your own relationship with the Horned God.
$60 per ticket

To register for either of these, go HERE!

Sunday December 4th 10am-5pm
Christoper Penczak will be doing book signing (of any books you bring to sign), doing readings (if you do not mind it happening opening in the Fair at his table), and will be giving a free lecture on the Fair's theme of storytelling at 1:00pm.

Seership and Story Telling: Weaving Modern Myths for our People:
The magick of the story is one of the oldest forms of magick. Stories are spells we continually cast upon ourselves and others. We have personal narratives, family stories, collective tales and the interwoven history of our world. To make meaningful change, we must tap into the threads of our past, while weaving meaningful, spirit led stories towards the future we wish to create.

The Fair also hosts over 20 local artisans ready with wonderful Yule Gifts for the season.
See you at one of these two amazing events

Sunday, October 30, 2016

November Blitz of Activities

For the November 2016 events and activities, see our Newsletter (subscribe to our mailing list for future announcements). Here is the latest Newsletter -

 For EXCITING information about Yule Fair weekend with Christopher Penczak, see our EVENTS PAGE.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Elders Tea Success

We had the most wonderful time with the Victorian High Tea in honor of our community elders. Everyone enjoyed good tea and food on antique tea sets and plates. We all dressed up in Victorian clothing (with steampunk flair) JUST BECAUSE! So much fun and a great opportunity for the newest generation to meet the eldest generation of Pagans from the community.

This went so well that we have been asked to host another. SO... we have decided to make this an annual event. Next Elders Tea will be held October 2017.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

GRAND OPENING / Classroom Warming Party

We have a new location that is so beautiful with its energy and size and space. The almost medieval cottage belongs to St-Thomas Anglican Church and had served as Rectory (home) for his ministers (priests and priestesses) until just a few years ago. They are now renting out the rooms. We have rented the West Side GROUND floor large room for our classroom, along with the back smaller room as a secure office. We share a huge kitchen/dining area and bathroom with the rest of the renters.

Many thanks to the volunteers who have helped with cleaning, driving over supplies and furniture, moving and installing everything, and donating of other missing items. This is a beautiful place we look forward to sharing.

SO, come see it!

EVENT: Classroom Warming Party
DATE: Saturday October 1st
TIME: 12-4pm
WHERE: 6897 Avenue Somerled, Montreal, Quebec H4V 1V2
BRING: Blessings, a warming gift, or a donation

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Late Registration

Late Registration is open till September 29th.

If you wanted to get into the CMS Level 1 classes, there is a bilingual class (French students receive French material and there are French teachers co-teaching the class) Sundays starting September 4th at 11am. If you register late, the next class is Sunday, October 2nd at 11am at the NEW LOCATION!

Register here:

Monday, August 22, 2016


Saturday, August 27th
12-5pm FREE to attend

12:30pm - Alain Level 3 Presentation of a person in Pagan History (Alex DelBusso)
1:00pm - Andrea Level 3 presentation on a person in Pagan History (Mark Hughes)
1:30pm - Scarlet presentation of Re-enchantment in a Secular Age

Healing sessions & divination offered by donation throughout the day

Books will be available for sale.

Level 1 (20 weeks) & Level 2 (~32 weeks) for Fall 2016
$150 every 6 or 8 weeks (supplies included for Level 1)
Classes begin after Labor Day

Level 1 English: Sundays 11am-2pm starting September 4th (with Renee)
Niveau 1 en francais: les dimanches 14h00-17h00 commencer le 4 septembre (avec John WinterWolf & Alex)
Level 2: Sundays 2-5pm starting September 25th (with Scarlet)
Level 3 & 4: TBA

Monday, August 15, 2016

Level 1 French Class

The Level 1 French course for Fall 2016 has been scheduled.

John WinterWolf will be teaching this level once again, with student-teacher Alex assisting the class.

Sundays 2-5pm starting September 4th for 21 weeks.
You may start to register for it now by Following the instructions on the Registration Page.

$150 to start, then $150 on the 6th week of each trimester. (total $450)
This includes a workbook and reading pack for each trimester of the course.

Students need only bring a binder and a notebook to class.

Registration closes at the Open House August 27th (12-5pm)

Classes and Open House are held at 43 Westminster North (3rd floor), Montreal-West, Quebec.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Level 1 English Class

The Level 1 English course for Fall 2016 has been scheduled.

Renee Wagner will be teaching this level once again, with student-teacher Alex observing the class.

Sundays 11am-2pm starting September 4th for 21 weeks.
You may start to register for it now by Following the instructions on the Registration Page.

$150 to start, then $150 on the 6th week of each trimester. (total $450)
This includes a workbook and reading pack for each trimester of the course.

Students need only bring a binder and a notebook to class.

Registration closes at the Open House August 27th (12-5pm)

Classes and Open House are held at 43 Westminster North (3rd floor), Monthreal-West, Quebec.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

If you prefer a French Level 1 class, stay tuned. We are still finalizing the schedule for it.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

July 2015 Events

Please check the events on the FaceBook group and confirm your attendance either through that or via email.

Dark Moon Ritual
Sunday, July 3rd @ 6pm
Cost: $5
Dark Moons are for introspection, letting go, and communing with the Raven Totem.
Bring something to lie down on.
Bring a bowl/mug and a spoon for ice cream.

Faerie Doors Workshop
Sunday, July 10th @ 11am-2pm
Cost: $25 (per person making doors, ages 3+ so children are most welcome!)
Come learn about the world of Faerie and make Faerie Doors!
Children MUST remain attended by a parent or guardian.
Bring a lunch with you and have a great time with the Faerie Guardians!

Full Moon Ritual
Wednesday, July 20th @ 7pm
Cost: $5
July is the Buck or Blessing Moon and associated with the Hazel Tree (Ogham of Coll). It is the most masculine of the Full Moons related to physical activity and completing unfinished chores, also related to divination and wisdom. Water blessings will be performed, hazel nuts will be offered, and divination will be performed!
Bring your chosen divination tool.
Bring a mug for iced tea.

Faerie & Angel Card Reading Class
Sundays, July 17th (offered again on July 31st) @ 6-9pm
Cost: $25 (teens welcome with parental permission, the parent MUST show up to give permission in person)
Discover the intuition we all possess through oracle cards. Faerie and angel oracle card decks will be available on loan if you do not have your own deck.
Bring pen and paper for notes.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Level 1 Program

Fall 2016 session starts its planning this month. We will be gearing up with some revamped reading packs and material in FRENCH. Watch for Registration opening August 1st.
Automne 2016 session démarre sa planification ce mois-ci. Nous allons préparons avec quelques plans de lecture remanié et matériel en FRANÇAIS. Surveillez l'ouverture d'enregistrement 1er Août.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Traditional Craft Series Workshops

Every Monday through May and June is a different topic on Traditional Wicca/Wirchcraft.

7-9pm for $40 each

May 9th - Book of Shadows
May 16th - Creating Sacred Space
May 23rd - Altars, Tool & Simple Rituals
May 31st - NO CLASS - go to the Pagan Night Out @ Cafe Shaika

June 20th -  Body Sacred & Self-Dedication

Saturday, March 26, 2016

April Dark Moon Ceremony

Thursday, April 7th
in the classroom
*bring your favorite teacup*
**bring something to sit upon**

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Morrigan Dark Moon Esbat (Public Ritual)

Sunday, February 7th, 3-5pm 
Cost: $5

As per an oath I wore at a devotional rite to the Morrigan, I am bringing back the mmonthly Dark Moon esbats to the public forum.

Come meditate with the raven spirit. Come meet the Morrigan. Come have some time to relax and engage is ritual and meditation with others on the Dark Moon of February.

What to bring:
- something comfy to sit / lay upon
- cup for tea
- journal in case you want to record your experiences
- any offerings you wish charged by the energy of the Dark Moon or by the Goddess the Morrigan

Sunday, January 10, 2016

FREE Workshops

Introduction to Paganism

Sunday, January 23rd at 2:30-4pm
43 Westminster N, 3rd floor, Montreal West (near Sherbrooke West)

What is Magic, Paganism, Wicca & Witchcraft? What are some of the common and core beliefs? Discover the meanings behind some of the words. Learn about the evolution of the Rede (indeed what is a Rede?). How are life cycles and the seasonal changes celebrated? Most Pagans fall into two categories: Solitary and Coven (or committed to some group). Learn more about these categories.

This is a perfect opportunity to discover what Crescent Moon School has to offer by way of training people in magic and Paganism. Come ask your questions. Come get a feel for what it is like to be in a class.

This is among the FREE lectures offered by the school.

Cet atelier sera donné en français à16h30-18h00.

Other Free Lectures
Saturday, January 30th at 2pm - Presentation on the Sacred Need Fire
Sunday, May 1st at the Beltane Fair - TBA
June - Student presentations on Sacred Places or Important People in Paganism
Sunday, August 21st at 2pm/4pm - Intro to Paganism (French/English)

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Open House & Registration / Portes Ouvertes & l'inscription

Un message française suivra:

Saturday, January 30th 1-5pm

Crescent Moon School has run its courses in magic and Paganism since 1995. It continues to train people in the Craft and help them find or refine their spiritual path.

Come meet the teachers and students.
Come see what students in the past have done.
Enjoy a presentation about The Sacred Need Fire.
Register for CMS Level 1.

CMS Classroom (and Stepping Up 2.0)
43 Westminster, 3rd floor, Montreal West, Quebec, H4X 1Y8
(Direction on the website)

'Sacred Need Fire' presentation: Saturday, January 30th 2-3pm

Students registering for a session can pay by cash, Visa/Master Card, or credit/debit card.

Level 1 English (with Renee Wagner)
Tuesdays 6-9pm - Starting February 9th for 20 weeks
$450 divided into 3 equal payments of $150 every 6 weeks (Includes 3 workbooks & a reading pack)

Level 1 French (with Stephan Thouin)
Sundays 11am-2pm - Starting February 7th for 20 weeks
$450 divided into 3 equal payments of $150 every 6 weeks (Includes 3 workbooks & a reading pack)


Un message française suivra

Samedi, le 30 Janvier, 13h à 17h

L'Ecole Crescent Moon a porté a fruition plusieurs cours de Magie et de Paganisme depuis 1995. Elle continue a entrainer les gens dans L'Oeuvre
et elle a aidé ceux-ci a trouver ou a définir leur chemin spirituelle.

Cette année, nous avons une session en FRANCAIS!

Venez rencontrer les professeurs et les étudiants.
Venez voir ce que les étudiants on fait dans le passé.
Venez apprécier une présentation sur Le Feu Du Désir Sacré.
Enrégistrez vous pour le cours du Niveau 1 !

Salle de Cours CMS (Et Stepping Up 2.0)
43 Westminster, 3ieme étage, Montréal Ouest, Québec, H4X 1Y8
(directions à suivre sur notre site web)

Présentation: "Feu Du Désir Sacré": Samedi, le 30 Janvier. 14h à 15h

Les étudiants qui veulent s'enregistrer peuvent le faire par argent comptant, Visa/MasterCard or par Débit.

Niveau 1 Anglais (Avec Renée Wagner)
Tous les Mardis, de 18h à 21h débutant le 9 Février. durée de 20 Semaines
$450 divisé en 3 paiements egaux de $150 tous les 6 semaines (Ceci inclut 3 livres de travail & l'ensemble de lecture)

Niveau 1 Francais (Avec Stephane Thouin)
Tous les Dimanches, de 11h à 14h dé le 7 Février, durée de 20 Semaines
$450 divisé en 3 paiements egaux de $150 tous les 6 semaines (Ceci inclut 3 livres de travail & l'ensemble de lecture)