Scriven Pen/Tea Fair

DATE: Saturday, September 14th, 2019
TIME: 10am - 5pm 
LOCATION: Royal St-Lawrence Yacht Club
1350, Chemin Bord-du-Lac, Dorval, Quebec H9S 2E3

THEME: Discovering the World of Fountain Pens & Tea

Scriven is a new annual event for Montreal.
Entry tickets are $5 (free for children under 16).

This is a Fountain Pen show with some extra special added features. 
(stationary, writing groups, TEA!)

Vendors will feature fountain pens, inks, paper, journals, writing techniques, tea and tea accessories. There will be presentations and even a sitting area to enjoy tea or to practice your writing with old and new friends.

SCHEDULE: (message me if you want to give a talk/present)
10:00am - OPEN
11:00am - (TBA)
12:00pm - (TBA)
1:00pm - TBA)

2:00pm - (TBA)
3:00pm - (TBA)
4:00pm - (TBA)
5:00pm - CLOSE

There will be 20-25 vendors
Please visit the Scriven Page or the FB Event for details

FREE parking, accessible location, public transit (bus 209 from Dorval Terminus), elevator inside, beautiful waterfront view.

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