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PLEASE NOTE: To register for a workshop, you MUST prepay at least 48hrs in advance. Thank you.  

Weekly Pagan Workshops

These workshops are short at ONE hour long, with a couple at 2 hours or 3 hours.

Sometimes you need to fill in the gaps of your foundational training, or maybe only certain subjects interest you.

These workshops are taught as part of the regular CMS level 1 program, giving you an opportunity to join the regular students for a specific subject.
Every Sunday from February through July
$20 unless each otherwise specified

Schedule and Topics
Feb. 11 – Energy & History
×          2pm: Energy Basics (centering, grounding, breathwork, relaxation, meditation)
×          3pm: Intro to Pagan History I (magic, paganism, witchcraft, wicca, people, beliefs, practices)

Feb. 18 – History, Nature & the Self
×          1pm: Intro to Pagan History II (Ethics, Redes, Charges)
×          2pm: Nature & Sustainability (connecting with nature, stewardship of the earth)
×          3pm: The Self (knowing yourself, knowing your personal energy)

Feb. 25 – Spirit & Sound
×          1pm: Connecting to Spirit (improv & embodiment, music, dance, energy sensing) 2hrs - $30
×          3pm: Pagan Chants

Mar. 4 – Elements
×          1pm: Exploring Elements (correspondences, tools, energy, sound & movement) 3hrs - $40

Mar. 11 – Ritual & Magic
×          1pm: Altars & Shrines (colors, symbols, altar designs, shrine creation)
×          2pm: Ritual Energy Work (reviewing basic energy work, circle casting & decasting)
×          3pm: 8 Path of Magic

Mar. 18 – Film & Mystery
×          3pm: Mystery in the Craft (discussing The Web, seeing and discussing a Winnipagans film)

Mar. 25 – Film Discussion
×          1pm: Burning Times Film with discussion
Apr. 1 – Esbats & Sabbats I
×          1pm: Esbats (lunar rites)
×          2pm: Sabbats (a look at 4 of the 8 Pagan holidays)

Apr. 8 – Esbats & Sabbats II
×          1pm: Sabbats (a look at the remaining 4 of 8 Pagan holidays)
×          3pm: Invocations & Dismissals (calling and dismissing the quarters)

Apr. 15 – Film & the Body
×          1pm: The Body Sacred
×          2pm: Film and Discussion (film TBA)

Apr. 22 – Deeper Mysteries
×          3pm: Witches Pyramid & the Mystery of Will & Word

May 6 – Language & Healing I
×          1pm: Basic Essay Writing (sentences, paragraphs, essays, research, references)
×          2pm: Ancient Languages & Tools
×          3pm: Intro to Alternative Healing Methods

May 13 – Specialty Class & Healing II
×          1pm: Student Presentations on Alternative Healing Methods
×          2pm: Specialty Class TBA

May 20 – Healing III
×          1pm: Guest Healer A (TBA)
×          2pm: Guest Healer B (TBA)
×          3pm: Guest Healer C (TBA)

June 2 – July 22 – 7 Weeks of deities and myths (details TBA) $20/hr

Please RSVP with Scarlet of CMS ( and watch for the FB events!

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