Level 3: Witchcraft

Level 3: Witchcraft  ($600 divided into 4 payments of $150, includes material)

3 hrs once per week for 24-27 weeks
The Witchcraft level provides advanced lessons in:
  • Creative Pagan Arts (creating Craft tools)
  • Magic (energy work: spellcrafting, divination, potion making, spirit work, and offensive/defensive magic) 
  • Nature Sciences (ley lines)
  • Pagan History (sacred places, cultural methods of magic, people of the Craft, covens & solitaries, role of clergy)
  • Ritual (designing rituals, rites of passage)
  • Research & Writing (magical codes, technology, public speaking)
  • Societal Sciences (diplomacy, etiquette, ethics, family, magical cooking)
  • leading an esbat and a sabbat within the school with a group
  • giving a 20min. presentation

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