Level 1: Seeker

Level 1: Seeker ($450 includes 3 workbooks & a reading pack)

3 hrs once per week for 18-20 weeks
The Seeker, or Newcomer, level provides foundational lessons in:
  • Creative Pagan Arts (dance and chants, imporov, sound and movement)
  • Health and Healing (meditation and relaxation, alternative healing methods)
  • Magic (basic energy work: centering & grounding and circle casting, elements, tools, symbols and other correspondences, altars and shrines) 
  • Nature Sciences (gardening, connecting with the energies of nature)
  • Pagan History (general Pagan history of the movement, gods and goddesses around the world)
  • Pathwork (knowing thyself)
  • Research & Writing (journalling, history of language and writing, essay writing)
  • Societal Sciences (Sabbat cooking, survival)
  • basic mysteries 
  • attending an esbat and a sabbat ritual, calling a quarter in ritual 
CA101 – Introduction to Improvisation & Trusting the Self
Learn techniques of improvisation and self-trust for self-expression and ritual purposes

CA102 – Response to Music
Music is an inspiring art form that stirs our emotions. Here we express how the music speaks to us through writing and drawing.

CA103 – Circle Steps & Spiral Dance
There are some basic, cross-cultural dance step that are the starting point for all Pagan circle dances.

CA104 – Chants
Learn the several Pagan songs and chants that you can use in your rituals

CA105 – Exploring Sounds & Movements of the Elements
Through sound and movement, we discover our limitations and our gifts. We also form a bond with the elements and learn how to connect with them at an energetic level.

HH101 – Relaxation & Meditation Introduction
Discover what relaxes you and why. Learn Breathing Meditation, the Tree Meditation method and the Tense & Release method for relaxation.

HH102 – First Aid & CPR
* This is an optional course that you need to go elsewhere to acquire (like St-John's Ambulance or Red Cross).

HH103 – Healing Methods
Explore various alternative healing methods.

MA101 – Practical Magic I: basics of energy work
Learn the basics of Centering, Grounding, your personal Field of Energy, and how to sense energy. Also learn the basics of casting a circle.

MA102 – Ethics of Magic
Discuss some of the ethics and laws as they are applied to Pagan practices.

MA103 – Exploring Elements & Tools
Gain intimate knowledge of the elements and tools commonly used in Pagan traditions.

MA104 – Magical Symbols
Gain intimate knowledge of the magical symbols commonly used in Pagan traditions.

MA105 – Color Symbolism
Learn the meanings of colors as they apply psychologically and magically.

MA106 – Eight Paths of Magic
Learn about the Eight Paths of Magic from meditation magic to the Great Rite.

MA107 – Designing Altars & Shrines
Understand the difference between an altar and a shrine and learn how to design your own.

NS101 – General Nature Sciences
Magical energy is inherent in our natural world.

NS102 – Gardening
Explore the joys and struggles are growing a simple magical garden.

PH101 – What is Magic & Paganism
This is a basic introduction to Paganism, the meaning of words, the Charges, and the Wiccan Law. (Readings on General Paganism are required.)

PH102 – Esbats & Sabbats
Learn about the energies of the different phases of the moon and about the 8 Sacred Festivals in the Pagan Wheel of the Year.

PH103 – Gods & Goddesses
Discover gods and goddesses from around the world from prehistory to the present. Connect with your Matron and Patron Deities. (This is a 6-week course. Readings on Gods and Goddesses required.)

PW101 – Self-Awareness
Know Thyself! The first rule about magical practice.

RW101 – Importance of Journaling
This is an excellent exercise to help students keep track of their own progress and learning, and to give them an outlet for expression.

RW102 – History of Language & Writing
Learn, in brief, the history of writing, paper, and books. Also discover various ancient alphabets.

RW103 – Basics of Essay Writing
This is an introduction to recognizing and writing good short essays.

SS101 – Cooking
Discover the joy of Pagan festival cooking!

SS102 – Survival & Maintenance of Home & Self
This is a useful and helpful course (especially for those just starting out on their own). After all, You have to be able to live before you can reach beyond yourself.

External Requirements:
View 3 documentaries about Paganism
Attend an Esbat ritual and a Sabbat ritual

Recommended Reading for Gods & Goddesses:
Witches’ God by Janet & Stewart Farrar
Witches’ Goddess by Janet & Stewart Farrar

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