Events & Activities

To register for a workshop, you MUST prepay at least 48hrs in advance. Thank you.  
All events take place at Atelier Fiver Arts (3993 Rue Wellington, Verdun, Quebec H4G 1V6)

Monday, May 14th, 7-9pm
COST - $5
Dark Moons are a time of introspection, reflection, letting go. They are also a time dedicated to the Raven/Crow totem and the goddess The Morrigan. This May, we will reflect on the lessons we have learned in the last month and charge a talisman to help us remember these lessons.
*please bring your own mug and an OLD key*

Sunday, May 20th, 4-6pm
COST - $20
In the spirit of honoring the Owl this spring, Maplestone Academy will be hosting a small event: Tea & Calligraphy! This is an open event those interested in learning to make and use quills, learning about fountain pens, discovering writing techniques and papers... and enjoying tea! The Tea of the day will be a special custom blend from Thesaurus Tea for House Owl. Quill Kits ($30, contains feathers, inks, fountain pen, paper, and a wooden carry box) and Owl Feathers ($5 for Asian Eagle-Owl feathers) will be available for sale, and you can buy the House Owl Tea if you wish to have some to take home. Feel free to bring your own quills, fountain pens, inks and papers to enjoy the fun with us.
Children are welcome: Ages 8 and older

Monday, May 29th, 7-9pm
COST - $5
Full Moons are high creative energy! We will honor the Wolf Totem, The Cat Torem, and the Wisdom Goddess Sophia. It is the Celtic Tree: Hawthorn for Cleansing, chastity, protection, opening/closing doors, guard wishes, clearing obstacles, patience, warns of obstacles or hostilities or entanglements. It is also the Flower Moon for working on commitments, both in spirit and love. We will be creating mini floral gardens.
Bring: $10 (covers supplies) and a mug for tea

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