Level 2: Explorer

Level 2: Journey(wo)man ($150 every 6 weeks, 6 payments)

3 hrs once per week for 36 weeks
The Journeyman/Journeywoman level provides expanding lessons in:

  • Creative Pagan Arts(sabbat and cultural crafts, drama and ritual, drumming, bard craft)
  • Health and Healing (stress management, counseling, gender issues)
  • Magic (more energy work: sensing energy and basic shielding, plant/animal/stone lore, divination)
  • Nature Sciences (science & magic)
  • Pagan History (religions and practices around the world, evolution of Paganism)
  • Pathwork (exploring personal astral sacred space and finding a spirit guide)
  • Rituals (creating sacred space, simple rituals, tool dedications)
  • Research & Writing (Book of Shadows, recognizing well-researched work, writing reports)
  • participating in an esbat and a sabbat 

CA201 – Pagan Sabbat Crafts
Learn the history of and how to make crafts associated with the eight Sabbats.

CA202 – Cultural Crafts
Experience various crafts as they pertain to different cultures. Learn how to make them in the ways they are made in their cultures. (Egyptian cartouche, Aztec codex, Chinese brush, Ukranian pysanka, African Adinkra, and more)

CA203 – Drama & Costume in Religion
Religious activities are often closely blended with drama as a means to express the activity clearly to the lay practitioners. Discuss different religions’ uses of drama. All religions have special "clothing" for different occasions or activities or clergy status. Discuss the ritual costumes of various religions.

CA204 – Introduction to Sound & Rhythm
Explore different musical instruments and experience the magic of making spontaneous music.

CA205 – Bards
Learn about bards in history and what the Bardic Path is all about. Also experience such bardic activities (storytelling and poetry, etc.).

HH201 – Stress & its Management
This is a group discussion about stress and methods for managing it.
Read "Stress- 63 Ways to Relieve the tension and Stay Healthy" before class.

HH202 – Counseling
This is an introduction to methods of counseling.

HH203 – Gender Roles/Attitudes/Spiritual Archetypes
Explore psychological and social gender roles and mythical archetypes, then discuss our Pagan gender roles and stereotypes. (Readings on Men's and Women's Mysteries required)

MA201 – Practical Magic II: Moving energy and shielding the self
Learn about sensing and moving energy, shielding, and creating and releasing cones of power. This is an energy working course that requires PRACTICE!

MA202 – Stone Lore
Learn how to identify more than 25 stones, their basic lore, history, and magical uses.

MA203 – Plant Lore
Learn the basic lore, history, and magical uses of a selection of plants and trees.

MA204 – Animal Lore
Learn the basic lore, history, and magical uses of a selection of animals, fish, and birds.

MA205 – Methods of Divination
Learn about the different methods of divination from bones to runes to tarot to astrology and more.

NS201 – Science & Magic
Discover how Magic, Science and Religion are different and similar.

PH201 – Evolution of Religion
Learn about more than 20 different religious traditions throughout the world from prehistory to the present. (Readings on early magical practice and religions around the world required, as well as a world religion textbook)

PH202 – Evolution of Modern Paganism
Discover the basic historical evolution of Paganism and Witchcraft from the Middle Ages to the today. (required reading of Drawing Down the Moon)

PS201 – Seek Thyself
This is a series of guided meditation to discover your sacred astral space, animal guide and magical name.

RI201 – Sacred Space
Learn how to prepare a space for ritual or magical work.

RI202 – Simple Rituals
Learn some simple rituals like blessings, purifications, consecrations, and dedications.

RW201 – Book Binding
Learn how books are bound. Make and bind a book of your own.

RW202 – Researching & Recognizing Well-researched Works
Learn research techniques, critical reading and evaluating, and proper referencing. Also learn how to recognize well-researched material.

RW204 – Writing Reports & Reviews
Learn the techniques and styles for writing these in a academic framework. This will help your own writing, researching and reading. Some of the students' works have been already published in local magazines, you could too.

RW205 – Book of Shadows
Learn the historical and modern uses of the Book of Shadows and dedicate your own in class.

External Requirements:
- View modern films and read modern literature portraying Pagans
- Participate in an Esbat ritual and a Sabbat ritual

Required Reading :
Golden Bough by James Fraser
Totem & Taboo by Freud
World Religions: from Ancient History to the Present Edited by Geoffrey Parrinder
Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler

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