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Founded by Scarlet in 1994 and opening its doors 1995, Montreal’s own school of Pagan study has undergone several incarnations. Today, after twenty years of evolution, Scarlet and her team of educators and facilitators are proud to present Crescent Moon School.

Crescent Moon offers a broad program in studying cultures and pantheons, history of religions, and cultural magical techniques, all subjects which are of interest and value to the contemporary Pagan practitioner. The goal of Crescent Moon School is to introduce people to a variety of magical paths and modern Pagan religions. It does not teach a specific path, but rather aims at helping each student discover their own path and potential.

Currently, Crescent Moon offers a concise 4-level program. Level 1 is offered twice a year in September and February, and lasts approximately 18 to 20 weeks. Level 2 and 3 are offered in September only for about 24-27 weeks each. Level 4 involves specialization, and thus is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

514-799-9412 (TEXTING ONLY)

By Appointment

Saturday, January 30th, 1-3pm

FOUNDER: T. Scarlet Jory

T. Scarlet Jory is a university graduate with experience teaching all elementary levels (most subjects) through substitute teaching in the Lester B Pearson School Board of Montreal. She has Bachelor degrees in Classics/Anthropology and in Honours Religious Studies/Adult Education. She recently graduated with a Masters degree in Religions & Cultures from Concordia University.

Her passions include writing and inspiring people to read, to research, and also to write. She is a published author of both books and several articles. Writing is a medium of expression like any art. She is called a wordsmith by her readers: a wordsmith with a calling to teach and to encourage others to love learning. Today she teaches novel writing to children and adults, ESL to corporate executives, as well as a variety of courses and programs through Crescent Moon School.

She is currently a high priestess of Sophia Rising Tradition, a syncretic Wiccan tradition blending Celtic Wicca and East Asian philosophies. She serves the Montreal Pagan community by hosting events and rituals and by offering her services as clergy for various rites of passage.

The school was founded in 1994 after Scarlet had a "silly dream". Floundering and wondering what to do with her life, she did a short ritual at the October Full Moon of 1994. In this ritual, she asked the Divine to help her know what she should focus her life on. That night, she had an incredible dream.

She dreamed of walking through a gigantic library that glowed almost blindingly white. Down one shining corridor of bookshelves was a veiled woman sitting in a chair with a giant tome on her lap. The woman opened the tome and pointed in it. Scarlet saw in the tome a detailed curriculum of courses. When scarlet woke, she thought it was both a wonderful and silly dream. It would be absolutely amazing to have a Pagan collegium. Well, Scarlet figured it was too silly and laughed, it would never happen in today's society!

She quickly realized she was laughing in the face of the Divine as she was not permitted to sleep, dreaming the same dream relentlessly! After a week of restless sleep, she wrote it all down as best she could. Ahhhh... (relief) At last, she slept. That was the message... the answer to her request of the Divine.

Scarlet, High Priestess, ever in Her service... vowed: To teach, To serve, To protect!

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