Thursday, June 3, 2021

Summer Begins!

By the gods! Can you believe that summer is already here?! The heat waves make it rather clear. Please protect yourself during the heat waves that are hitting us early this June. Here is what to look forward to this June 2021.

Solar Eclipse Ring of Fire
(partial eclipse showing a fiery ring of light)
Thursday June 10th at 6:53am
This is a meeting of Sun and Moon for establishing balance in your life, as well as harnessing the protective energy of a ring of fire.

Dark Moon
Thursday June 10th
This Dark Moon is for letting go the chaos of the changing seasons, for stepping outside and sitting in the quiet of Nature, and for purifying yourself to be ready for Summer to come.

New Waxing Crescent Moon
(Diana Bow)
Sunday June 13th
Make a new commitment for the month to improve your well-being. Plan to start a summer project.

** If you have not yet been vaccinated, we STRONGLY recommend you do so ASAP.
This Month, everyone who has had their first vaccine may also start booking for their second one.

Father's Day
Sunday June 20th
Do something different, do something classic, explore something historical. Celebrate honorable fathers in history. Celebrate your father (if you have one, if he is worthy of your honoring him), or your best father-figure in your life (there are amazing dad's out there willing to adopt you for a day and be your mentor), by rediscovering history together. Our suggestion: go to a history museum.

Midsummer (Litha)
Monday June 21st
Public ritual TBA hosted by Mountain City Cabbats

Full Strawberry Rose Moon
Thursday June 24th 7-8pm
This moon is for celebrating your achievements! Prepares some strawberries and some chocolate fondue or whipping cream (or both, both is good). As this is also associated with Holly, it is a time for taking action and defining our spiritual steps forward. What do you intend the second half of the year to look like?
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