Thursday, May 20, 2021

May Event

May has been very busy as we translate materials for French courses and start the editing process for the coming September sessions. We apologize for not sending out a newsletter this month is the busy-ness of our month.

We are also working out Summer events, workshops, and activities so stay tuned!

For the moment, here is what is coming up at the end of this month.

May Full Flower Moon Ritual

Tuesday, May 25th, 7pm

Welcome to this Full Flower Moon.
This is a time where flowers are plentiful (April showers have brought the May flowers). This is a time for working on your commitments to people and to the Divine. It is an ideal time for renewing your vows.
The Oak tree is sacred in Celtic traditions this time of year. The Oak can be used for protection, strength, building foundations, Druidry, hospitality, and leadership.
You need: an oak leaf (or one cut out of colored paper), a 6-sided die, and three different flowers
Donations of $5-10 help cover the costs of ZOOM Pro in order to continue offering these online. Please sent donations to:

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