Saturday, December 26, 2020

Ending 2020

We are all eager for this year to end so that we may start a new and fresh year with a new and fresh idea of normal. While the blog at CMS has been quiet and idle, the school most definitely has not. Students are still doing their classes (via ZOOM now), and the teachers are still connecting with the community.

What will the new normal look like?

Classes and workshops via ZOOM have been so successful, that we will continue to make this available in 2021, even if the COVID subsides to a level whereby we can have in-person class. ZOOM will remain an option.

Workshops, an Esbat, and an Open House are being planned for January 2021! 

Here is a sneak peak:

- Intro to Paganism
- Spiritual Self-Care
- Tarot I (history, deck choice, & deck care)
- Wolf Moon Esbat
- CMS Open House

As for right now as we end 2020.... here is what you can do for the coming Full Moon.

The Rowan Moon (according to the Celts) or the Cold/Longnight Moon

Cold weather is rolling in after our longest night of the year (despite the weird little blip of +15C weather December 26th). Turn your attention inward to your home and give your ritual space some love. If you do not have a dedicated ritual or spiritual space, this is the time to create a little sanctuary for yourself. You might have to cull and purge a little, cut away the clutter in a corner and make room for YOU.

Add some light in your darkness. In these challenging times, lighting some candles and changing those lightbulbs is a good start. Bringing in some light can also be metaphorical. Make a decision to dedicate some time to your own self-care and to doing something that inspires you, sparks that joyful and fiery light within you.

What is Scarlet doing?

Creating a meditation space in her office.
Making a lunar calendar craft to help remember and teach the different moons of the year.
(Pictures of this once it is done... promise!)

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