Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Blood Moon in Second Wave Lockdown

 Montreal has declared itself second wave COVID-19 and is again in lockdown for the month of October. We are wishing everyone health and safety and encouraging everyone to please obey the restrictions and health/safety rules.

October is a very special month this year. We have TWO full moons and a Major Sabbat!

October 1st - Blood/Hunters/Reed Full Moon

October 31st - BLUE Elder Moon & Samhain

I, Scarlet (owner and teacher of CMS), usually host a full moon esbat ritual every month, lately over ZOOM. However, lately my daughter (age 5) has been asking me to do the rituals with just her. As she is learning and shown her first real interest in my spirituality, I will be concentrating on private rituals for the next little while. On occasion, I will do a public one via ZOOM or livestream it direct onto FB. I apologize to those who really looked forward to doing rituals with me. Since I won't always be public and I know you look forward to ritual ideas you can do from your own home, check out what we are doing for the Blood Moon on October 1st (restructured so a 5-yr-old will understand).

Blood Moon, also called Hunters Moon, associated with the Celtic Reed

 The Hunters Moon is about hunting and finding something you are looking for. This moon is also about honoring animals and our totems.  Part of honoring is also showing compassion and giving extra love to the animals we live with. 

In the Celtic tradition, this moon is associated with Reed. The Reed Moon is a time for nourishment, strength, compassion, and being heroic.

So on this moon, we will be balancing heroism with compassion.

We will start our ritual with a scavenger hunt in and around the house, because these are always fun. We will decorate the shrines that are dedicated to our household totals of wolf, deer, raven, fox, and butterfly. We will snuggle the cats and give them a special treat of wet cat food. We will also make suet seed feeders for the birds outside to help them ready for winter. Being heroic does not mean we have to go defeat evil people or have super powers. For us, it means donating to places in need: clothing, food, and money. We have clothes to give to Renaissance and will donate money to the Children's Breakfast Club to ensure all children can have breakfast at school.

In these ways, we will be balancing compassion with acts of heroism in small ways that a 5-yr-old can accomplish. AND we always make craft that relates to the moon in some way. We will be making shining Reed Moon bottles. These will be decorative bottles with teeny LED lights inside and little reed sticks. We promise pictures once the crafts are done.

Be safe! Be healthy! BLESSED BE!

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