Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Scarlet is considering hosting a few of these workshops.
They would happen either Sundays 3pm or Mondays 6pm.
Please comment if you would genuinely consider attending.
This way, fall workshops can be planned in the new CMS Classroom.

  • Chakra Intensive weekly series ($250 for all 8 weeks)
  • Lithomancy / gemstone divination ($40 for 3hr workshop)
  • Introduction to Rites of Passage ($25 for 2hr workshop)
  • Role of the Handmaiden/Robin ($25 for 2hr workshop)
  • Traditional vs Eclectic - Coven vs Solitary ($25 for 2hr workshop)
  • Creating Altars, Shrines & Temples ($25 for 2hr workshop)
  • Creating Sacred Space ($25 for 2hr workshop)
  • Simple Rites/Rituals: Cleansing, Purifying, Blessing, Consecrating, Dedicating, Protecting People/Places/Tools ($40 for 3hr workshop)

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