Monday, August 31, 2015

Level 1 Starting Soon

Level 1 will start Tuesdays (September 8th) after Labour Day, 6-9pm. The cost is $450 divided into 3 payments of $150 every 6 weeks and includes a reading pack and 3 workbooks. It will be held at the new classroom space (43 Westminster, Montreal-West... 3rd floor).

Registration is still open. There are still a few places left in the level 1 program (takes a max of 8-10 students). Please contact by Friday September 4th to register. Late registration open till September 11th.

3 hrs once per week for 18-20 weeks

The Seeker, or Newcomer, level provides foundational lessons in:

  • Creative Pagan Arts (dance and chants, imporov, sound and movement)
  • Health and Healing (meditation and relaxation, alternative healing methods)
  • Magic (basic energy work: centering & grounding and circle casting, elements, tools, symbols and other correspondences, altars and shrines) 
  • Nature Sciences (gardening, connecting with the energies of nature)
  • Pagan History (general Pagan history of the movement, gods and goddesses around the world)
  • Pathwork (knowing thyself)
  • Research & Writing (journalling, history of language and writing, essay writing)
  • Societal Sciences (Sabbat cooking, survival)
  • basic mysteries 
  • attending an esbat and a sabbat ritual, calling a quarter in ritual

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