Monday, March 18, 2024

Ostara Public Ritual

Date: Tuesday, March 19th

Time: 6-10pm

Location: Centre Communautaire Marcel Giroux (4501 Bannantyne, Verdun)

What does the springtime, the Norse Goddess Idunn, and delicious apples have in common? Welcome everyone to our Ostara ritual!
As the equinox approaches, we gather to celebrate the coming of spring, the fertile ground for new projects and ambitions, and the hope for a productive and joyful time ahead!
The ritual will consist of a presentative dance between two pagans, a reading from one of our hosts, and the handing out of apples to participants in celebration of Idunn. Afterwards, we will eat the food brought for the potluck, and mingle until we have to leave the venue.
The event is open to anyone, but we ask that you bring $5 (or more if you wish) to contribute to the cost for renting the space, as well as any food you'd like to share for our potluck.
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a post on the event page, and we will respond to you in short order!
Blessed be, and we hope to see you!

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