Monday, January 6, 2020

25 Amazing Years in Service

This is a VERY long post filled with some very poor quality but very much loved images. A photo journey of highlights from the last 25 years starting with oldest to the most recent. Patience and love. There are sadly no pictures available for the first 5 years. Enjoy those from the 21st century.

This is the first logo of Crescent Moon School that was digital and based off the wooden scrollworked moons Scarlet's belated father used to make.

Year 2000, hosting Author, Ray Malbrough.

These next three pictures are from 2003-2006 of the level 2 and 3 students.

Camping Festival with all many of the students and teachers in 2010. Here we are being silly, yet very proud of the publication of one of the teachers. This book is still critical reading material for Level 3.

9/11 was a shock to everyone. We performed a healing/blessing ritual for all those lost, hurt, devastated in some way by this tragedy. We then took our magical work and set it up in the Montreal World Trade Center to honor everyone.
This is followed by some amazing experiences through 2011 & 2012.

2013... It is the end of an era. Our most notable and beloved Magical hub, The Magical Blend shop and resource center, closed its doors forever. We mourned hard. We moved to more humble locations and carried on.

We obtained out own little community space of about 400 sq.ft. Though it only lasted a little over a year. It was a beautiful space used from 2014-2015. Then we changed location again. The Goddess and the Green God both found their way here from The Magical Blend. They are still with us.


  In 2016, we moved yet again. It is so hard to rent a place to be a location for rituals, classes, meetings, and more. This moves was to a beautiful Rectory beside a church. This, sadly did not last either, though it was a good year.

And then again yet another move to a much smaller place till we could no longer hold onto it and no longer cover its rent. Ever looking for out forever home. 2016 wasn't it, but it did give us a great space to connect with people.

In 2018, we hopped a few small places. Our greatest achievement that year was attending the Parliament of World Religions to represent Paganism. Scarlet met other prominent member of Paganism, spoke on a panel with Canadian Pagan Leaders, and offered two rituals for the public at this huge conference. And by the end of the year, we found a new home.

Last year, 2019, has been one of the best for Crescent Moon. Stable location, stable attendance to classes and rituals and workshops. In March, Scarlet lost her father and the woodworker who made the beautiful oil boxes, altar patens, and wooden scrollworked moons. Blessings on your journey Tom Jory. Thank you to all the students and teachers who have been supportive during the year. It comes to its end with love.

May 2020 be AMAZING!

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