Friday, November 8, 2019

Birch/Beaver Full Moon

Tuesday, November 12th is the first full moon of the Celtic lunar cycle. Winter has officially begun with the ending of Samhain and the Elder Moon of November 6th.  Here is what to think about along with some things you can do for the coming full moon...

The Birch Moon is the first in the Celtic year and thus it is themed for new beginnings, making preparations for a new start, driving out evil influences, and for births.

You can make your Yule Logs, traditionally made from a birch log.

Announce that new project you are starting, like shout it from the proverbial rooftops (or post it on Facebook and Instagram... kind of the same thing). This way everyone can be excited with you and help support your new endeavors.

It is also known in Northeastern Canada as the Beaver Moon, which obviously is about industriousness, but is also about preparing for the winter to come and building protections against the cold and other interfering energies.

Knit socks, mitts, hats, scarves. Prepare a warm quilt. Donate thinks like this to shelters and to the homeless.

My daughter and I will make a polar fleece cloak for her, as well as polar fleece scarves for all her preschool friends. Her cloak will have protections embroidered into it... I hope. Perhaps things that will be added over time.

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