Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Spring is FINALLY here!

It may not always feel like it, but the days are very significantly longer and we are starting to have days with temperatures above 10 decrees Celsius. Don't get over-zealous and start planting now. The ground is still frozen and we could still get some frost. Start your gardens indoors, and plan out the layout of your garden spaces.

What is in CMS' garden?
pumpkins/gourds/squash (the seeds got mixed up so... it will be a surprise!)
edible clover

Don't forget to do your spring cleaning and change the old winter air in your homes. CMS teachers do spring cleaning and House Blessings at this time. You can contact us if you need a blessing ritual done for your home or business.

House Blessing Ritual: $25/room
Business Blessing Ritual: starts at $100 (includes a small rite for prosperity)

Contact us for details and scheduling. Must be in the Montreal area.

Last note for you all reading this...
There are three events coming up:
House Blessing How-to (for those who want to learn to do their own)
Full Pink Moon ritual
Beltain Spring Fair

Blessed April everyone!

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