Saturday, March 24, 2018

Spring is HERE!

Despite the warning of 20cm due to hit Montreal by April 4th, Spring is officially here.

It is time for spring cleaning, for purging the unwanted and unnecessary, to freshen things up and make room for a joyous spring and summer to come.

Here are some things to consider starting off your spring with:

- Spring Cleaning & House Blessing

- Blue Moon Esbat Ritual (for the rare things)

- Mapping out your garden on paper with what you want to grow (or planning the window planters if you do not have a garden space). You might want to consider registering t use a Community Garden space.

- Start indoor seeds for some of those plants

- Make a room-by-room wishlist of how you want each room to look and feel. This becomes the start of an action plan to manifest these changes.

- Do your annual taxes

- Consider the one most important thing that makes you silly happy (or three really is best because three is a magical number). Do them!

- Pick a day or a time that you declare is SACRED for you for self-care. Schedule it in your agenda and STICK TO IT.

- Come out to the Beltain/Spring Fair: attend the talks; go to the ritual; support the artisans

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