Friday, April 14, 2017

Beltain Fair Weekend!

Beltain Spring Fair:
The Ephemeral Market of Maplestone Academy

This year, the Ephemeral Market will open to the public (the muggle/mundane world AND the witch/wizard/magical world).

DATE: Saturday & Sunday April 29/30, 2017

CMS-Passages, 6575 Somerled #204, 2nd floor, NDG, QC, H4V 1T1
12pm - Tea & Coffee will be available from this point on ($1 per cup donations please) 
12 - 4pm - Private Readings by Erica Glaser ($40 per 30min ticket) 
4-5pm - Harry Potter and Defense Against the Dark Arts for Pagans (FREE)
5-6pm - Dinner with our Guest (come join us!)
6:30pm - Tea by Thesaurus Tea

7pm - Erica Glaser speaks on Learning How to Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) ($50 per ticket)

Erica Glaser
She was one of the staff members at Le Melange Magique. She was well-known there for her readings, oil blend, spellcrafting advice, translating Hebrew on talismans, and teaching about ceremonial magick, as well as being a great connaisseur of tea! Now she lives in Toronto and works at the Toronto Occult Shop. She still incorporates Tea, gives advice, and blends herbs and potions. She is also an artist as Smiling Wolf Art.

Tickets for Readings: $40 per 30min reading
Learning how to Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP): $50
In this workshop we will be learning how to perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram as well as some of it's visualizations and symbolism. The LBRP is a powerful Qabbalistic and Ceremonial banishing and protection ritual that uses divine and
angelic energies to remove influences from your sphere.

Montreal-West Curling Club, 17 Ainsley, 3rd floor, Montreal-West, QC, H4X 1K4
10am-5pm : Ephemeral Market is open to the public
12-1pm : Crookshanks & Hedwig-Magical Familiars & How to Connect with Them by Erika Glaser
1-2pm : Maplestone Academy presentation by teachers and students
2-3pm : Public Beltain Ritual in Davies Park

SUGGESTED DONATION: $5 (fundraising to bring in Judika Illes for Yule)

- Le Melange Magique: Magical Supplies
- Thesaurus Tea: tea
- Crescent Moon School: Info & wood crafts & books
- Maplestone Academy: info & school supplies
- GUEST: Eri: art & readings
- Wizard Craft Academy: wands & notebooks, etc.
- Heartfelt Hollow: clothing
- Kamy of Montreal Medium: jewelry & readings
- Aurora of Soulful Traveler: readings
- Fox & Fur: Jewelry & crafts
- Morrigane: prayer beads & crafts
- Nina: photography & journals
- Valerie Schoof: baked goods, skin products, coffee
- Missoui Studio: blown Glass
- Marie-Anne Poulin: massotherapie
- Marie Donaldson of Elfe Apothecaire: Magical Supplies
- Witches Creations: Magical Supplies
- Vikki Walker: candles
- Jason: books of shadows
- Nixsy: naturopathy, reflexology Nutrition & healing products
- Deb: Therapeutuc Touch & Singing Bowls

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