Monday, March 13, 2017

St-Patrick's Weekend

Happy St-Patrick's Day this Friday March 17th.

This weekend is all about money, prosperity and preparing for spring. Time to start Spring Cleaning as the Spring Equinox approaches. What will you plant this Spring? We are planting the seeds for community development, as well as tomatoes, lettuce, lavender, and basil.

Friday, March 17th at 7-9pm: Prosperity Magic
Everyone wants more luck, more money, more prosperity in their lives. Let us work together this evening to create what we need for our own prosperity magic. May the Luck'o'the Irish be with us today! Happy St-Patrick's Day!
*Special gift for those who register by March 25th*
Saturday, March 18th at 205pm: Public Ostara Sabbat Ritual
Studio 303, 372 Ste-Catherine West, Montreal QC, H3B 1A2

Sunday, March 19th at NOON: St-Patrick's Parade
Downtown Montreal, along St-Catherine Street West, starting Fort Street.
Sunday, March 19 at 1-4pm: House Cleansing & Protecting (Smudging 101)
This is by Nutopia. Please see the Facebook Event for more details as this is not with CMS.

Sunday, March 19th at 2-4pm: Herb Lore
Herbs have been used in food, tea, and healing for centuries. Every plant carries energies and stories, used in lore and myth to represent deities or as offerings or gifts. In this class we will look at 20 different herbs, both common and uncommon. We will touch on how to dry them or prepare them for you, how to honor the spirit of the plants from which they come, and how to be safe with them.

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