Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New Location!

We have moved into our new location. 
We are now at 6575 Somerled #204 (second floor) on the corner of Cumberland. 

Atlas Pizza is right below us. EcoQuartier  lives in the same building and they have amazing workshops that would interest many of you. We will try to get a list. Metro Grocer is in the next block west of us and Dollarama is 2 blocks east of us. Lots of restaurants and a depanneur are in the first floor of our building.

There are several buses that you can take to get to us:
51 from Snowdon to the corner of Fielding and Cumberland (one block north of us)
102 from Vendome to Sumerled, get off at either the Dollarama or the Metro Grocer
104 or 138 from Atwater to corner of Somerled and Cavendish.

Here is a picture before we moved our stuff in. After pictures will come next week once we set up and are satisfied with the new layout.

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