Thursday, November 24, 2016

Author In: Christopher Penczak

Saturday December 3rd
Christopher Penczak will be doing private Tarot Readings (only TWO 30-min slots left) $50 each

He will also be giving a lecture at 7pm:

The Horned Gods:  
Come learn about the Horned God of the Witches, Master of the Threshold and Keeper of the Gate. We'll explore his four form and associations with the turning of the Wheel of the Year. He manifests as the Goat Horned God, the Ram Horned God, the Bull Horned God and the Stag Horned God. We'll look to the history of such figures as Pan, Amun-Ra, Dionysus and Cernunnos and their related myths and culminate in a vision working and ritual to develop your own relationship with the Horned God.
$60 per ticket

To register for either of these, go HERE!

Sunday December 4th 10am-5pm
Christoper Penczak will be doing book signing (of any books you bring to sign), doing readings (if you do not mind it happening opening in the Fair at his table), and will be giving a free lecture on the Fair's theme of storytelling at 1:00pm.

Seership and Story Telling: Weaving Modern Myths for our People:
The magick of the story is one of the oldest forms of magick. Stories are spells we continually cast upon ourselves and others. We have personal narratives, family stories, collective tales and the interwoven history of our world. To make meaningful change, we must tap into the threads of our past, while weaving meaningful, spirit led stories towards the future we wish to create.

The Fair also hosts over 20 local artisans ready with wonderful Yule Gifts for the season.
See you at one of these two amazing events

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