Saturday, July 2, 2016

July 2015 Events

Please check the events on the FaceBook group and confirm your attendance either through that or via email.

Dark Moon Ritual
Sunday, July 3rd @ 6pm
Cost: $5
Dark Moons are for introspection, letting go, and communing with the Raven Totem.
Bring something to lie down on.
Bring a bowl/mug and a spoon for ice cream.

Faerie Doors Workshop
Sunday, July 10th @ 11am-2pm
Cost: $25 (per person making doors, ages 3+ so children are most welcome!)
Come learn about the world of Faerie and make Faerie Doors!
Children MUST remain attended by a parent or guardian.
Bring a lunch with you and have a great time with the Faerie Guardians!

Full Moon Ritual
Wednesday, July 20th @ 7pm
Cost: $5
July is the Buck or Blessing Moon and associated with the Hazel Tree (Ogham of Coll). It is the most masculine of the Full Moons related to physical activity and completing unfinished chores, also related to divination and wisdom. Water blessings will be performed, hazel nuts will be offered, and divination will be performed!
Bring your chosen divination tool.
Bring a mug for iced tea.

Faerie & Angel Card Reading Class
Sundays, July 17th (offered again on July 31st) @ 6-9pm
Cost: $25 (teens welcome with parental permission, the parent MUST show up to give permission in person)
Discover the intuition we all possess through oracle cards. Faerie and angel oracle card decks will be available on loan if you do not have your own deck.
Bring pen and paper for notes.


  1. .I love ur blog very much.I made a ritual for a man who I love him very much.I visualized to have relationship with him but nothing happened.I did ceremonial magick but nothing happened.What may went wrong?Please help me I am so sad about this.

  2. Hello Jessica, Love spells are very tricky. I generally do not advise people do a love spell for a named person they want to have a relationship with because that is bordering on black magic and manipulation spells. The spell work you did, sounds right for what you wanted. Spells can take time to be successful, especially if there are many blocks and challenges in the way to your goal. And if a spell does not work, then that is usually the divine stepping in and saying that it is not the right spell to do for you well-being and that you really need to focus your energy elsewhere.